My first education was in science, but my first love has always been arts and crafts. As a school girl I attended handicraft classes for 12 years. I designed my first croched (crochet?) cardigan at the age of 11. When I was 13, a large lace shawl (Haapsalu shawl) that I made was sent to a handicraft exposition in Japan. Four decades later I finally visited the Land of the Rising Sun myself, and was instantly enchanted by the authenticity and the simplicity perceived there. The magical world of national patterns I discovered in Saaremaa, the island where I moved after graduation. Later on I studied to be an artisan of folk costumes and worked as a handicraft teacher, educating and inspiring other people. Together with some like-minded friends we founded the Saaremaa Craft Centre. Our joint activity provided new possibilities and we started to deliver our products to Sweden and Finland. In these countries, I had a chance to learn new things from Scandinavian handicraft masters and studied their rich tradition in museums. My deep passions include: yarn, knitting needles and the magical world of patterns. My mission is to create clothing that reveals the owner's individuality that helps to express their inner self, their own identity and uniqueness. By combining the knitting techniques with modern design and materials, we get knitwear that has a greater value than their price. A review of my works can be found in a book called "Luxury in Tradition. Knitwear for every Season".